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Selected institutions running Probe For EPMA on their microprobe instruments:


University of Nevada (Reno), JEOL iHP200F


The University of Auckland (New Zealand), JEOL 8530


Louisiana State University, JEOL 8230


Université d'Orléans (CNRS · BRGM) (France), JEOL iHP200F


United States Geological Survey (USGS) Menlo Park, JEOL 8530


Ontario Geological Survery (Canada), JEOL 8230


Masaryk University (Czech Republic), Cameca SX100


JEOL Ltd Japan, JEOL iHP200 and iSP100


Bundesanstalt für Geologie and Rohstoffe (BGR), JEOL 8530


Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, JEOL 8530


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Morelia), JEOL 8230


University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei), JEOL 8530


Los Alamos National Laboratory, JEOL 8200


University of Utah (Salt Lake City), Cameca SX100


University of Western Australia (Perth), JEOL 8530 (2nd)


University of Vienna, Cameca SXFive


Natural Resources Canada (Ottawa), JEOL 8230


USGS Denver, JEOL 8530


Queen's University (Canada), JEOL 8230


University of Manchester (UK), JEOL 8530 and Cameca SX100


Macquarie University (Australia), Cameca SX100


University College London (UK), JEOL 8100


Korea Polar Research Institute (South Korea), JEOL 8530


Cameca (France), Cameca SXFive


University of Colorado (Boulder), JEOL 8230


University of Minnesota (Minneapolis), JEOL 8530


University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), Cameca SX100


Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCKCEN), Belgium, Cameca SX100R


NASA (Johnson Space Center), JEOL 8530


Museum of Natural History, Berlin, Germany, JEOL 8500


National Energy Technology Laboratory, Albany, OR, JEOL 8530


The Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.), JEOL 8530


GE Power and Water, Greenville, SC, JEOL 8530


Boise State University, Cameca SXFive


Utrecht University (Netherlands), JEOL 8530


The Boeing Company, North Charleston, SC, JEOL 8530


University of Queensland (Australia), JEOL 8200


University of Ottawa (Canada), JEOL 8230


Texas A & M University, Cameca SXFive


The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA, JEOL 8530


Carnegie Geophysical Institute, JEOL 8530


Memorial University (Canada), JEOL 8230


University of Calgary (Canada), JEOL 8200


University of Oklahoma, Cameca SX100


AWE (United Kingdom), JEOL 8500


University of Alberta (Canada), Cameca SX100 and JEOL 8900


Umicore Olen (Belgium), JEOL 8800


University of Wisconsin, Cameca SXFive


Queensland University of Technology (Australia), JEOL 8530


University of Bristol (United Kingdom), JEOL 8530


University of Tulsa, JEOL 8200


Natural History Museum of Vienna (Austria), JEOL 8530


Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), JEOL 8530


Corning Inc., JEOL 8500


University of Leeds (United Kingdom), JEOL 8230


Arizona State University, JEOL 8530


University of Alaska, JEOL 8530


General Electric Global Research, JEOL 8530


University of Wyoming, JEOL 8900


Stanford University, JEOL 8230


University of Adelaide (Australia), Cameca SXFive


BASF Corporation, Cameca SX100


University of New Mexico, JEOL 8200


University of Las Vegas, JEOL 8900


OakRidge National Laboratory, JEOL 8200


RWTH Aachen (Germany), JEOL 8530


University of Manitoba (Canada), Cameca SX100


University of Western Australia (Perth), JEOL 8530


Yale University, JEOL 8530


Lehigh University, JEOL 8900


Helmholtz-Zentrum, Dresden (Germany) , JEOL 8900


Johnson Matthey (United Kingdom), JEOL 8500


London Museum of Natural History (United Kingdom), SX100


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, EMSL, JEOL 8530


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, UTB, JEOL 8530


Exxon-Mobil Research & Development, JEOL 8530


United States Geological Survey (Reston), JEOL 8900


Carnegie Geophysical Institute, JEOL 8900


Institute for Transuranium Elements (Germany), Cameca SX100R


Idaho National Laboratory, Cameca SX100R


University of Minnesota, JEOL 8900


McGill University (Canada), JEOL 8900


Idaho National Laboratory, JEOL 8900


University of Tasmania at Hobart (Australia), Cameca SX100


Saskatchewan Research Council (Canada), Cameca SX100


UC Santa Barbara, Cameca SX100


University of Oregon, Cameca SX100


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, JEOL 8200


Rutgers University, JEOL 8200


General Electric Global Research, JEOL 8200


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, JEOL 8200


University of Massachusetts, Cameca SX100


Ontario Geological Survey (Canada), Cameca SX100


Natural Resources Canada (Ottawa), JEOL 8900


National Institute of Standards & Technology (Gaithersburg), JEOL 8500


NASA (Marshall Space Flight Center), JEOL 8900


Dalhousie University (Canada), JEOL 8200


University of Texas (Austin), JEOL 8200


NASA (Glenn), JEOL 8200


NASA (Johnson Space Center), Cameca SX100


McCrone & Associates, JEOL 8200


University of Hawaii, JEOL 8500


Washington State University, JEOL 8500


United States Geological Survey (Menlo Park), JEOL 8900


United States Geological Survey (Denver), JEOL 8900


The Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.), JEOL 8900


Sandia National Laboratory, Cameca SX100


Washington University (St. Louis, MO), JEOL 8200


Schafer Laboratories (Sunol, CA), JEOL 8200


California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), JEOL 8200


The following links contain useful information and resources for EPMA:

University of Madison, Wisconsin (John Fournelle)

Washington University, St. Louis (Paul Carpenter)

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, (James Wittke)

University of Oregon, Eugene (John Donovan)

Microbeam Analysis Society (MAS)

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